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I'm Jason.  My pronouns are he/him/his. 


I love stories.  I love storytelling.

I grew up in the Midwest.  After several years each in LA and NYC, my wife and I settled in San Diego, where we are currently based.  We wanted to find the work/life balance between family and art.  I think we do pretty well.  This picture was from a dress-up dinner that the family held during the early weeks of the pandemic when we were looking for ways to find joy.


I believe in the power of theatre to entertain, create empathy and deepen communal understanding.  I believe in the magic contained within the shared breath between performer and audience.


This pandemic has turned the entire world upside down.  Some of that has been scary. For myself, I'm excited to see what new art emerges in the aftermath, especially with the important conversations coming from WSYWAT, BLM and #metoo.  It's important that we do not simply return to the theatre that we were making before.

I am a freelance AEA/SAG-AFTRA actor, a director and teacher (college and private).  For acting and directing theatre work and teaching opportunities, you can contact me directly through the Contact Page. 


For San Diego and Orange County on-camera work, my agent is Nanci Washburn with Artist Management Agency (contact below).

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